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In the real life these WWE Diva wrestlers do not like to see each other’s faces

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Katy Perry performs first-ever gig in Mumbai

There are so many wrestlers in the WWE ring who violate the rules and actually hurt their opponent wrestler. WWE’s storyline is on one side but there are some wrestlers outside the ring who do not like to see each other’s face.
We have already made you aware of the relationship between CM Punk and Vince McMahon. But in real life the relationship between these wrestlers is not good at all. In this article, we are going to look at relationships between male wrestlers and not those who look at each other.
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AJ Lee – ‘The Billa Twins’

Aja Lee has retired from WWE in 2015. The Brie Bulla and Nikki Bala are still a regular part of WWE. But between them, it was common for you to be in the ring, you-I, myself. Relations are so bad that both sides have reached each other’s family several times.
In an episode of the Total Dwais, AJ Lee had raised the question of Nikki Bella-John Cena and Brie Bella-Danielle Bryan’s relationship.
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Shasha Banks-Alexa Bliss

Aside from the ring, a small group of people was split among the social media as well. In the NXT, that is, in the early stages of the wrestling, when there was a match between them, Shasha Banks almost broke the nose bone of Alexa Bliss.
Backstage is also a common practice among them to create an atmosphere of pride. This is the reason why they both escape from appearing before each other.

Charlotte Page

However, the career of Page ended very early due to injury. Page’s attitude, against Charlotte, was so bad that he had given an indecent statement to Charlotte’s brother, Reid (who had died at the age of 25 at the youngest age).
The relationship between the former WWE World Champion, Alberto del Rio, and their relationship was not good. Page, which has been the former girlfriend of Alberto del Río.


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