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Train accident, 24 killed, 130 injured today

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Train accident, 24 killed, 130 injured today

Dear friends, let’s tell you that, on one hand, a train accident, where the tears of the people still do not ask. That same day again an incident has killed 24 people. Such incidents have left the belief in the system of rail administration of the people. Any such incident is happening due to the negligence of the local government and governance of the local people.

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More recently, 61 people have died in a gruesome train accident in the Indian state of Punjab. The same number of deaths has reached 24 at the same time as the train derailed in Taiwan today. Dear Friends, 130 people have also been injured in this train accident. Those who were admitted to the country’s emergency team for treatment in the hospital.

Let us tell you that due to this incident, due to the abyss of the railway bogs which were derailed from the tracks, the pilgrims are still being evacuated from them. Due to which the Railway Department has still not been able to confirm the number of people who die.

The administration has sent about 150 soldiers for immediate relief work in this incident. Those who are engaged in relief work. After this incident, the President expressed his grief over the incident as “a big accident.” After the incident, the administration has been using the established media and social media to identify people.


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