Home Politics rahul gandhi wife Rahul Gandhi’s one move changed the whole politics,

rahul gandhi wife Rahul Gandhi’s one move changed the whole politics,

Jamait sacks Rajeev Dhavan from Ayodhya case
Jamait sacks Rajeev Dhavan from Ayodhya case


  • As the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are coming closer, the politics of the country is changing rapidly. The BJP, which is constantly handling the rising prices of petrol and diesel, is ready to give subsidy on petrol and diesel prices to the public as the election year approaches. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s work will keep the report card in front of the public and the Opposition will try to get back the lost land in 2014. The biggest question among all the issues and questions will be if the Prime Ministerial candidate in 2019 is not Prime Minister Narendra Modi or who else? The media has started showing Congress President Rahul Gandhi as an alternative to Narendra Modi. So will Rahul Gandhi be able to raise the majority to take over the command of the country?


rahul gandhi wife Rahul Gandhi’s one move changed the whole politics,
rahul gandhi wife Rahul Gandhi’s one move changed the whole politics,

After becoming the President of Rahul Gandhi, there has been a lot of enthusiasm in the Congress, but Rahul’s leadership has not won any big victory anymore. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose victory chariot has slowed down, but still he is far ahead of Rahul’s Congress. It is clear, if Rahul Gandhi has to stop the victory of the BJP, then Rahul Gandhi will have to bring opposition parties together. Politicians of politics are also pointing out that if the opposition is united, then the path of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will not be easy. But the opposition is embroiled in their own conflicts. Rahul Gandhi does not consider many Gandhi as the leader of the Opposition, and if the Opposition finds a face which Opposition unites in its name, then in 2019, there will be a match for the thorn.

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The Congress has played the biggest bet in this episode. In an interview given to a channel, senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram has conveyed the point that the Congress has the complete hope of getting the road ahead. P Chidambaram ended the question, due to which the opposition could not get together. Chidambaram said that Congress never declared Rahul Gandhi as the prime minister’s post for 2019. He also made it clear that the elected leader of the opposition will be the prime minister’s post and he can be anyone. This statement of Chidambaram was spontaneous or part of a well-thought-out strategy, it would tell the time to come.



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