Home News Pakistan must become secular state to stay together with India:

Pakistan must become secular state to stay together with India:

Pakistan must become secular state to stay together with India:

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat (Photo: IANS)

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said on Friday that Pakistan would have to leave the “Islamic State” nature and be a secular country for India to “stay together”.

He was responding to comments from Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, why India and Pakistan can not live together like Germany and France – which ended their historic enmity after World War II.

Talking to the media during the passing out parade of the National Defense Academy’s 135th Course in Pune, General Rawat said that Pakistan has made its state an Islamic state.

“If they want to meet with India, then they will have to develop into a secular state, we [India] are a secular state.” They said, “If they are willing to become secular like us, they have a chance.” .

Commenting on the statement of Imran Khan’s “one step, two steps” statement, the army chief said, “There is a paradox in what they are saying. (Pakistan is saying that ‘you take a step, we will take two’). From there one step should come in a positive way; We will see whether the steps are affecting the land (counter terrorism). By then our country has a clear policy – terror and dialogue can not go together. “

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“Our political leaders, our army, and all other institutions are on the same page. We want to move forward,” Imran Khan said at the tremendous ceremony of the Kartarpur corridor on Wednesday. He said Kashmir is only a matter of controversy.

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In its response, India has accused Jammu and Kashmir, an integral part of India, of making a “sacred occasion” political.
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“It is extremely regrettable that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has chosen to politicize the sacred occasion to realize the long pending demand of the Sikh community to develop the Kartarpur corridor through the unwelcome reference of Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral and indivisible part of India Part of the part. “External Affairs Ministry spokesman Raviesh Kumar said in response to the questions.
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General Rawat also said that the army is in search of permanent commission of women.

“You will see an increase in the role of women in the armed forces. We have not taken them in the front-line competition yet, we think we are not ready yet, the Western nations are more open, boys and girls here in big cities. But the people of the army come not only from big cities. “

“In some areas where we require consistency and male officers in the command-oriented army, they do not fit everywhere, they said it would be beneficial to keep women officers in areas such as language interpreter, military diplomacy.

Gen Rawat made the remarks on the sidelines of the passing out parade of 135th course of National Defense Academy in Pune at a time when Pakistan made renewed efforts to resume dialogue with India.


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