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Many push-ups should be done once

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This can be one of your favorite exercises because you can easily do it. You do not

even need special preparation for this. One of the many benefits of push ups is that it is such a workout for a wide chest that you

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can do anywhere. But before starting the push-ups, it is very important to know some things.

First of all, do push pushups:

If you are going to start push ups, then do pushup now. After doing pushups for a few days you do this workout on a sloping

surface. After that you do original pushups. By doing this, gradually your stamina increases and the muscles are strong. Initially, three sets of 12 pushups are appropriate.

How many push-ups are appropriate for you:

However, there are no definite rules that

how many push-ups are better for you. The

number of push-ups depends on the physical stamina and strength of each

individual. A 25-year-old average body that is healthy, can be able to do 39 push-ups at a time, while the same person should be

able to pushup 54 or more with the level of fitness. A 50-year-old healthy person should be able to push up 21.

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