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Laughing Colours Differences between North


Contrasts between North Indian Young ladies and South Indian Young ladies 

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Training – In the south most young ladies (

urban/rustic/rich/poor ) are given school and up

to degree standard instruction. In the north, poor

town and orthdox individuals get their young

ladies wedded under age. While some rich ultra

liberal guardians primarily punjabis , spend lakhs and send their little girls in outside colleges. 

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DRESSING – In the south you can’t for the most part separate a city/town young lady by her

garments .Most young ladies wear churidars and pants tops. In any case, you can just seldom

observe a South Indian young lady in shorts or dress. In the north, boundaries apply the most in dressing. At communities like chambal or tonk

you can discover young ladies in saree with face hidden. However, in urban communities like

Delhi or Chandigarh and you would think about whether it’s still India!!!.Most young ladies wear cut pants, gowns, cleavage open tops, scaled down shorts 

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WORK CULTURE – Most south young ladies Indian young ladies these days need to work after

marriage, yet are not that vocation situated ( aside

from few ) and dependably lean toward

occupations which bolster family life. In the

north, numerous young ladies consider family life

an obstacle to vocation and postpone labors, or

bring up children with their grandparents.

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