Home News India’s 200 miles per hour bullet train starts

India’s 200 miles per hour bullet train starts

India's 200 miles per hour bullet train starts

India’s bullet train project is moving ahead of the speed of a commuter train instead. According to the government-led government, only one year after the project, only 0.9 hectares of land was


acquired from the requirement of 1,400 hectares. The $ 15 billion facilities, the highlight of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign to upgrade the infrastructure, is facing resistance from the farmers who are unhappy with their land compensation.


The planned 316 miles line connecting Mumbai’s financial capital with Ahmedabad’s financial capital – almost the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco – was a major leap from Indian


Railway’s trains, 165 years of Asia’s oldest network history. At the current rate of land acquisition, the bullet train built with Japan’s ‘Shinkansen’ technology is at risk of losing the full goal of 2023.


Professor Raghbendra Jha, economics at the Australian National University, said, “Land acquisition is a very common problem in India and there are no questions about the delay in many projects.” I have seen many such examples.

Train to

The protest has highlighted the challenge in introducing PM Modi to its major projects in railways, ports, and airports to limit India’s position as India’s fastest growing economy. According to the Center for

Be On Time

Monitoring Indian Economy projects worth 754 billion rupees ($ 10.2 billion) were completed in the quarter ended September 2018, less than half of the targeted 2 trillion rupees.


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