Home Politics Gas cylinder in Rs 180…Modi’s big GIFT for women

Gas cylinder in Rs 180…Modi’s big GIFT for women

Gas cylinder

A gas cylinder in Rs 180…Modi’s big GIFT for women

Gas cylinder

New Delhi, May 28: The Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojna (PMUY),

which won the BJP-led NDA government with just a lot of votes

Gas cylinder

from rural women in the general elections, with a focus of the

incoming government to expand it further under the government

is supposed to. Delivery and use of small 5 kg LPG gas cylinders.

Under MUY, gas connections are

provided to the poverty line

(BPL) families with the support of Rs 1,600 for each connection.

LPG connection is provided on the name of the female member of

the family.

Official sources here said that 80 million connections targeted

under PMUY will be completed in

the first 100 days of the new


So far, the bright connection has reached a mark of 71.9 million.

After achieving this goal, the use of small 5 kg cylinders will be

made mandatory under the scheme so that it is available

throughout the country and helps in supporting the cooking gas


In public sector oil marketing, the average LPG cylinder refill

under Ujwala is a pitiable 3 per year, while the national average is

close to seven refills in a year. The cost of cylinders is a big factor

as the refill is not 100 percent subsidized.

The executive of the

company said.

“It can change the use of small cylinders under the scheme,” he


While in Delhi, the customer has

to pay around 712 rupees during

the purchase of a 14.2 kg cylinder (within the 12 refills domestic

limit), the Subsidy Scheme under the Direct Benefit Transfer

(DBT) scheme of the female customer’s bank account About Rs


Gas cylinder

In the case of a 5-kg cylinder,

while the current cost of refill is

around Rs 260, which will be deposited in the subsidiary bank

account, it is about Rs 80.

The Petroleum Ministry studied the shoe that the high cost of cylinder refill of 14.2 kg is the main reason for a low number of LPG cylinders by BPL families.

With a 5-kg cylinder, refill can be a third of the cost of a regular cylinder. This will help families to increase the usage of gas connections under Ujjwal.

Apart from this, the portability of

the widespread popularity of this cleaner medium for cooking.

According to sources, the scope of this Vote Garner scheme will

the cooking medium will reach the lowest level of the population.

MUY was rolled out in the

country from Uttar Pradesh in 2016.

Under this, the initial target for

the connection was kept low, but

as the government became popular, it continued to increase and

rapidly increasing penetration in time.

gas cylinder price


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