katayama district working evening headlines - 23 January, 2020

Catch editorji's top evening headlines - 23 January, 2020

a nurse from a tumour new in garrulous katayama district working at the Al Hayat Hospital in Saudi Arabia has tested positive for the corona virus which has killed 17 people in China according to the Minister of State for external affairs Vimala Dharan a hundred india nurses were also tested for the virus but only one tested positive

reports suggest that the nurses came under the scanner after they took care of a Filipino nurse who had tested positive for the virus meanwhile Chief Minister region on Thursday has urged the center to take up the matter and ensure expert treatment of the Kerala resident China's lockdown two major cities in the center of a deadly virus outbreak on Thursday the unprecedented move is aimed at containing the disease

which is already spread to other countries residents in Wuhan a major port city in central Hubei province with a population of 11 million people were told on Thursday not to leave without a special reason hours later authorities in neighboring Hong Kong with a population of 7.5 million were informed that people can not leave the city trains and planes out of Wuhan were indefinitely suspended and tollways and rose out of the city were closed in Hong Kong cinemas internet cafes and Central

Market was shut down the respiratory virus has claimed 17 lives so far and has infected hundreds of other people nationwide and been detected as far as the United States a total of twelve thousand eight hundred and twenty eight passengers from 60 flights have been screened for the corona virus infection till January 22nd but no positive cases have been detected in the country so far the Union Health Ministry said on

Thursday thermal screening is being done at the international airports of Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Chennai Bengaluru Hyderabad and Kochi Union Health Secretary Preity Sudan is reviewing the evolving scenario and the government's preparedness she is are states and union territories also to review hospital preparedness in terms of isolation and ventilator management of critically ill patients India has once again rejected US President Donald Trump's Kashmiri mediation offer saying there's no role for any third party in this matter External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Ravi Kumar categorically stated that the onus remains on Pakistan to create conducive

environment so that the talks between the two countries could take place the statement comes after Donald Trump repeat is offer to help resolve the dispute between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue our position on the Kashmir issue and you know about third party medicine has been very clear and consistent let me however once again reiterate that there is no role for any third party in this matter the onus is on Pakistan to create such conducive conditions you know which was free of from terror

hostility and violence and which could also lead to some meaningful engagement between the two parties suspended deputy superintendent of Jammu and Kashmir Police the Windsor Singh and four others have been sent to 15 de niña custody by a special court in Jammu he was arrested for helping to terrorists travel out of Jammu and Kashmir the suspended cop was brought to the special court in bulletproof vehicles with their faces covered along with two terrorists and their associates

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Hari on Thursday unveiled his party's new flag which is safranin colour setting tongues wagging in political circles about a possible ideological shift analysts say that M&S s move could be to attract segments of Shiv sanics who are troubled by Sita's

decision to align with the NCP and Congress instead of the BJP Tory unveiled the new flag which in the centre beza Raj mudra at the party's plenary meeting in suburban Goregaon the party's earlier flag had saffron blue and green colors before unveiling the flag the MLS chief paid tribute to his uncle and lead ships and I found a Baltic ray Hindutva ideologue vd savarkar besides Shivaji and BR Ambedkar Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday said Muslims in India safer than most places in the world peaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos the minister said India is a country which welcomes all diverse viewpoints all diverse opinions the Muslims in India are safer than any other part of the world in terms of equal opportunity he further noted that there is absolutely no discrimination in any of the government programs Coyle also defended the new citizenship amendment law saying India has a duty to protect people who are sufferers of religious persecution he added citizenship is an area that every country has the rules of the game every country has citizenship laws that are respected by the world the traditional Christian hymn abide with me is back on the list of beating the retreat tunes after it was dropped by the defense ministry two weeks ago the hymn which is said to have been a favorite of Mahatma Gandhi was dropped as part of an annual review to introduce new tunes they move however drew sharp criticism from various quarters and is finally back on the list of tools for this year's ceremony the hymn was written in the 19th century by Scottish poet Henry Francis light and composed by William Henry Munk partly ëtil on Thursday told the Department of Telecom that it will not hear any adjusted gross revenue arrears until the Supreme Court hearing next week where a phone idea had informed the Department of Telecom the same thing with this none of the telcos will be paying as the January 23rd deadline ends as per the October 24th apex court order and will wait till next week for the next course of action depending on the outcome of the hearing Etta Lydia dues are thirty-five thousand five hundred and eighty six crore rupees and Vodafone idea has to pay fifty two thousand thirty nine crore rupees the Department of Telecommunications later said it will not take any coercive action against telecom operators for non-payment of Ag our dues until further court orders after a stunning oriya series van versus Australia Team India is ready to play New Zealand in a five-match t20 series with the first game scheduled for Friday the team leads the Kiwi shows early on Wednesday and had a solid free practice session ahead of the series as confirmed by skipper Bharat Cole you earlier KL Rahul is expected to keep the wickets and also open innings for the team him doing really well with the gloves as has really you know opened up another kind of scenario for us where it gives us a lot more balance in playing an extra batter and I know there will be a lot of you know talks around what happens to other players and whatnot for us it the most important thing is what the team requires in the best balance that we can create as a side Cooley is also expected to bat once again at the third spot followed by cos ire at Manish Pandey Mohammed Shah mean just with Umrah will lead the pace patrie and could be joined by either Sharda Tucker or not beeps any it's a crucial sea for Team India as it's the longest t20 series ahead of the world t20 later this yoke she's back with another video in Instagram this time as a tour guide in new york central path in the hilarious video titled walk with sorrow the actress shows fans the do's and don'ts of navigating Central Park along with her rickshaw driver and friend of citizen 

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