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This capsule will save astronauts' lives if they stray into space
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Space travel is very dangerous.  If everything is not right, then the American space company Space X (Abort Mission) did a new Abort Mission, about how to save the astronauts involved in space travel.  In this successful mission, the crew-dragon was saved deliberately from a bad rocket.  Crew Dragon Capsule is produced by Space X Company.  Astronauts will travel to space by sitting in it.

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 The test was conducted at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.  The Crew-Dragon was launched with a Falcon-9 rocket.  The Falcon-9 rocket engines were shut down after reaching an altitude of about 16 km. It took the crew-dragon only 84 seconds to complete the rocket's 16 km altitude.  The rocket then detonated the Crew-Dragon capsule with a bang.  Immediately the crew-dragon had its own engine turned on.

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 After flying faster than the speed of sound in the sky for about 10 seconds, the Crew-Dragon capsule started coming down.  It took him about 9 minutes to fall below such a height.  Then, through four parachutes, he landed in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Coming down from a height of 16 kilometers, he fell into the Atlantic Ocean.  The capsule was then brought back from a US Navy ship stationed at sea.

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 The US Space Agency NASA (NASA) has now stopped making spacecraft for space missions.  He has engaged private companies in this work.  NASA's Space Shuttle program closed in 2011, following NASA's appeal that American industrialist Elon Musk formed the Space X Company.  After this, NASA gave work of about $ 608 million to Space X and Boeing Company.  Boeing's tests were unsuccessful.  But Space X continued to have success.

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 Currently, NASA is using Russia's Soyuz vehicle to send its astronauts to the space station.  But it is proving to be very expensive.  If American astronomers believe the Falcon rocket can be made useable again.  This rocket has been successful three times before.

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