Bahut jal Madhya Pradesh me Bhajpa ki sarkar banne Wali Hai Kya ?

Bahut jal Madhya Pradesh me Bhajpa ki sarkar banne Wali Hai Kya
Is the Congress government going to fall in Madhya Pradesh? Is the BJP government headed by Mama ji very soon to return to power?

By the way, the signal is indicative of this. BJP's General Secretary Kailash Vijay Shedia has given an indication of this being while addressing a gathering. BJP's General Secretary Kailash Vijay Shedia said that what kind of government is the

government under Kamal Nath of the newly elected Congress? This government is working on our mercy and on the day the high level of the BJP has been ordered, the day we get a signal from that government, it will fall.

Senior BJP leader clarified that due to the "confusions" spread by the Congress, on the issue of assembly elections, he said, while comforting people but still we do not need to be disappointed. He also said that the

state has been away from our hands but has not gone, he can come back in our hands at any time. The day on which the voice came from Delhi, the voice came from the central leadership, our government will be formed in the state.

Congress has reacted sharply on his comments and State Congress spokesman Nilabh Shukla said, "From the statements of Vijaywariyas, it is clear that the BJP is trying to buy legislators to demolish the Kamal Nath government. The BJP is openly disrespecting the public mandate. "

However, the grand and decade old party should try to assess the situation. The performance of newly formed Congress government in Madhya Pradesh has not been satisfactory, in fact, it was a terrible terrible result. Therefore, it is very possible that there is a feeling of dissatisfaction
among some Congress MLAs in Madhya Pradesh. It can mean that the Congress government of the state can be in danger and as Kailash Vijayvargiya said, if some Congress MLAs change party due to the miserable performance of the government, then the BJP can come back to power.

It should also be kept in mind that the BJP has not been marginalized by the people of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, BJP's vote share was higher than Congress in the state. Unfortunately for the BJP, its high vote share could not change itself in the upper part of the seats in the assembly. This does not mean that the BJP has become unpopular in the state. And therefore, the anger of the Congress legislators can directly benefit the BJP.

Various decisions taken by the new government in Madhya Pradesh have created anger against the government, which can directly reach the BJP and a hundred percent chaos that steam can come to power.

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