UP यूपी गाय कत्तल चमक 'संभावित' 316 पर चमक

UP cow slaughter glare on 'potential' 316
She is named as one of the senior police officers who said, "I am innocent". He said the Bulandshahr police were focusing on


these 316 because Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath asked them to be round up all "potential cow slaughterers". Four people

यूपी गाय कत्तल चमक 'संभावित' 316 पर चमक

whom Yogesh had been accused of cow slaughter have been arrested while seven, including army jawan Jitendra Malik, have


been taken over the murders "The names of 316 people had come up in cow slaughter cases in a little over a year. "We are


preparing the list of all those named in cow smuggling or cow slaughter cases in the past 10 years," he told reporters.

यूपी गाय कत्तल चमक 'संभावित' 316 पर चमक

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