garlic cleanse can make this trick you can use, such use

garlic cleanse can make this trick you can use, such use
new Delhi. Everyone wants to be rich, but many people do not get success despite hard work. If you are one of se, then the garlic trunk can change your fate. So let's know how to use it.
garlic cleanse
1. Garlic is important for not only removing the narcotics according to the material. Rather, its trick can make you even more valuable. For this, you have to put a garlic cloth in your purse. These measures will
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have to be done on Saturday. With this, pockets will always be full of money.
2.Good people have scary dreams in the night; they should keep two or three buds of garlic under their pillow while sleeping at night. Now get up in the morning and
garlic cleanin
throw these garlic in an intersection. This will solve the problem.
3. If you have negative energy in your house, then you should put one of the buds of garlic in the corners of the house. Now change it every week. Negativity will do away with this.

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4. People who want to get the money should be bundled with two buds of garlic and pressed them under the ground in a pot of red color. This will increase the money.
5. Those who want happiness in the house,

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 they should be kept in the courtyard or roof of the house by trapping seven garlic buds in a pod on every Tuesday and Saturday. Doing so will remove negativity from home.

6. If you want to avoid detoxification, throw five garlic out of the person's head seven times and throw it at an intersection. After doing this do not look back and look back. This will remove the sight barrier.

7.In the house of people, there is frequent fighting and quarrel, they should also burn a garlic gourd with mustard seeds and chillies on Saturdays or on Tuesdays to avoid this. This will make the market positive.

8. If your business is not running, if there is a continuous loss, then put five or seven garlic buds in a red cloth on the main gate of the shop or factory. This will start trading.

9.When people do not have money, they should keep garlic wrapped in a garment in their purse or vault. This leads to shortage of money.
10. If your child is sick often, take out seven garlic from his whole body and burn it with five whole red chillies. This will remove the guilt.

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