Cong’s come back in three states stops saffron surge in India

Srinagar, Dec 11 (KNS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership of the saffron party under the leadership of Rajan, 

Madhya Pradesh and Chatisgarh has broken four and a half years after the elections. The results have set the trend for emergence of a Congress-led coalition in 2019
come back 

Reports said that while in Rajasthan Congress is set to wrest power from BJP after five years, the BJP is set to lose power in Madhya Pradesh after sixteen years and Madhya Pradesh was the state where BJP strongman Shivraj Singh Chouhanhas 
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change of winds blowing across Hindi heartland in India
The landslide victory of Congress in Chatisgarh is a big booster for the party as the party has won a heavy margin on its 
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own. In the House of Congress, 116 seats in a house of 230 in Madhya Pradesh, 102 seats in a house of 200 in Rajasthan and Chitsisgarh in 90 of a house in 63 seats.
In Telangana, TRS has established a 
saffron surge
thumping majority with 87 seats in a house of 119 followed by Congress with 22 seats and here BJP has just won one seat.
In Mizoram, the MNF has established a 
in India
convincing majority of 26 seats in a house of 40 followed by independents with 8 and Congress by 5 seats and here again BJP has managed to win only 1 seat. (KNS)

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