Conduct audit of electric wiring, connections: BMC to establishments

Conduct audit of electric wiring, connections: BMC to establishments
Observing that the short circuit has been one of the primary causes behind recent fire incidents in the city, the G / South ward (Lower Parel and Worli) has written the

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 housing societies and hotels in the area to conduct an audit of the electrical equipment, and connections in their respective premises as security measures The measure comes in the wake of a recent incident of fire following a short circuit in a high-rise.

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The ward has written more than 100 housing societies listing 18 fire safety compliances that must be followed. The letter reads that the societies must conduct the audit every six months. Assistant
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 Commissioner of G / South ward, Devendra Kumar Jain said, "Loose loose wire of electricity, communication, power supply among others should be covered by a conduit." He said that the joints of electric wiring should be immediately rectified if found faulty.
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"Short circuit and faulty electrical systems often lead to a fire. Most of the time, it goes unnoticed as they are small. But, sometimes this small fire turns fatal," said Jain.
Apart from electrical audit, the housing societies, hotels, and commercial

establishments among others were asked to ensure that fire escapes, stairs should not be blocked by goods or belongings or any other means
The hotels and restaurants have also been warned that if any unauthorized structures were found beyond the originally approved plan of construction, they should be demolished. "If any untoward incident happens due to negligence, the owner of the establishments will be held responsible fully," said a senior official of the Mumbai fire department.

The civic body has also advised residents to get an electric fitting, conduits of gas, outdoor panels of air conditioning among other works.

Conduct audit of electric wiring, connections: BMC to establishments

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