This is the biggest flop actor, not even 1 hit film.

This is the biggest flop actor, not even 1 hit film.
In our Bollywood industry, many artists come every year to try their luck, some of

them are the only artists who succeed in making their own place in the hearts of people, or else most of the lost is lost in 

oblivion. To make a career here, it is also very important to have a talent along with beauty. But there are some actors in our industry who have not been living in Bollywood because of their hard work, they are such an actor, Sohail Khan, who is the brother of Bollywood's biggest superstar Salman Khan.

Where today, Bollywood's Dabangg Salman Khan is giving more than one blockbuster movies, the same day his brother Sohail Khan is one of Bollywood's biggest flop actors. He has worked in 19 films, in which he has played side rolls in his career, and only two films have been hit, and in both of these films he played a side role.

Sohail Khan started his career with the direction of Salman Khan's film, Tool, which was released in the year 1997. And in 2002, for the first time, he acted as an actor in the film Mere Dil Takka Diya. His list of films is quite long, due to being the smallest in the house, Sohail Khan is very lively and lazy, Salman Khan has a time Sohail Khan himself has said that Sohail Khan is a very bad man, you tell him that today Sohail Khan is worth about $ 10 million.

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