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He has made such predictions in his book and many times on the public platform, many of which are proving to be true, such as global warming, war strategy of trump, laboratory viruses in the laboratory, more news about aliens, earth Temperature rise, leaning towards humans and the influence of artificial intelligence and the discovery of new planets by humans. It is all evidence that every step mentioned by Stephen Hawking is gradually proving to be true.
time goes by so fasthawking a brief histoillustrated brief history o
time goes by so fasthawking a brief histoillustrated brief history o
If the alien will be attacked on Earth

If aliens came to Earth then it would be exactly the same as that of Native American when Columbus arrived.2. Donald Trump A Threat

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According to Steven Hawking, even if denying the Climate Change's Evidence or pulling it out of the Paris Agreement, Donald Trump will harm the environment and put our nature in danger.

3. Global warming is the biggest threat

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This physicist also made an interpretation by the name of the turning point, according to which global warming will be at its peak and it will be very difficult for the people to come back.

4. Earth will form a fireball

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According to Stephen Hawking, due to the overcrowding of the population much energy will be damaged, due to which the earth will change like a fireball in approximately 2600 years.

5. Artificial Intelligence will capture

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According to Stephen Hawking, every object engineer and scientist will replace robots made from artificial intelligence, and that will be the reason for the destruction of humans further.

6. Robots will rule this world

According to Stephen Hawking, machines will become effective on humans. We will become human beings on machines and machines will rule over us. Go son Hey delivery baby is your dirty habit

7. Nuclear Weapons Destroy the Earth

According to Stephen Hawking, dirty behavior and anger are the biggest enemies of humans and will be ahead

8. The most dangerous viruses in the laboratory

In 2001, he said that the biggest weapon in the future would be the Nuclear Weapon, but not in the laboratory, viruses, which would lead to many diseases and humanity would be destroyed.

9. Just 100 Years to Find a New Planet

According to Stephen Hawking, the way the climate is changing, the probability of falling Asteroid on Earth is more than that, so we have only 100 years

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