new bike first 1000 kmthis scooter, specialty will immediately book you

New Delhi: These days there has been a lot of turmoil in the prices of petrol and diesel and people are unimpressed with rising prices. So right now Mahindra has launched the world's most powerful three wheeler scooter whose battery will last for 5 years. Also people will get relief from expensive petrol. So people will not have to face problems because of the expensive petrol and diesel.

In this new scooter of Mahindra you will get a lot of benefits. The company claims that this auto can be fully charged within 3.50 hours. After full charge, it will be able to run 130 kms. That is, if you want to go from Agra to Delhi then you can take it. But for this you may need to charge more once more on the way. At the same time, it will run 85 kilometers on 2.50 hours of charging. Overall, its running cost will be 50 paise per kilometer. So if you are going for a long journey then charge full charge before leaving home. Obviously it can be seen to beat the electric scooters running in the country.
new bike first 1000 kmthis scooter, specialty will immediately book you
Battery will run for 5 years

The specialty of Mahindra's new electric auto has been used, which makes it very special. Lithium Iron Battery has been used in this auto. The special thing is that, it has a maintenance free battery, while maintenance is also very easy. The company says that battery life is of 5 years. That means, you can run this auto without hesitation for 5 years. The environment will also be quite favorable, because this auto is completely polythene free. Clearly this scooter will soon become the most preferred vehicle among the customers.
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new bike first 1000 km
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