petrol price in indiapetrol price in bangadiwali 2017

Good news before Diwali, petrol was 10 rupees and diesel 7 was cheaper
petrol price in indiapetrol price in bangadiwali 2017

petrol price in indiapetrol price in bangadiwali 2017

petrol price in indiapetrol price in bangadiwali 2017

The Modi government is facing the most criticism of the increased prices of petrol and diesel at this time. Although there has been some reduction in their prices in the last 13 days, but it is inadequate for the general public. The rising rupee behind oil prices and the rise in the dollar are being considered a reason, but between the political crisis in Sri Lanka, our neighboring country, the new Prime Minister, Mahindra Rajapakse, took an unexpected step and announced a huge reduction in fuel prices. is.diwali 2017

petrol was 10 rupees

Mahindra Rajapakse said that the "unfortunate" financial policies of the previous government have affected the economy of the country and have increased the cost of life. Rajapakse, who is also finance minister of the country, has announced a reduction of Rs. 10 per liter in petrol price and Rs. 7 per liter in diesel price under the new series of economic relief measures. This announcement has been done at a time when the constitutional validity of appointment of Rajapakse is a victim of criticism at the local and international level.diwali

ood news before di

The finance ministry said in his statement that there has been a lot of worries regarding huge losses in the economy, as continuous low growth rates and increasing life are seen in the form of cost. The Ministry said that despite tax reduction, budget targets of 2018 will be achieved. The Finance Ministry further said in its statement that the Government is confident that the target of the budget deficit of 1.8 per cent of the GDP of GDP and 4.9 per cent of GDP will be achieved, which will further support financial consolidation to provide economic stability.diwali lights

diwali 2016

President Sirisena on Friday removed Vikramasinghe and appointed Rajapaksa as the new Prime Minister in a dramatic event. Although Vikramsinghe refused to accept his dismissal and said that the country's confidence was with him. He says that till he does not lose the support of the Parliament and not being called for a majority test to prove his majority, he can not be legally removed from the post.deepavali 2016

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