War may be between China and America

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US

President Donald Trump (Design Photo)

Warsaw: Former US Army Commander in Europe said that it is feared that America will have a war with China in the next 15 years. However, he also said, 'It is not necessary to do the same, but the possibility

 of this happening is also complete.'

Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said that keeping in view the challenges met by the European allies, the European allies will have to ensure their own defense. He said that because America will concentrate more on protecting its interests in the Pacific.
Addressing the Warsaw Security Forum, Hodges said, "America needs a strong European column. I believe in the next 15 years we will be in war with China. However, it is not necessary that it may

happen but its apprehension is complete. '

Let us know, in the two-day meeting of the Warsaw Security Forum, there were military officers and politicians, including leaders of Central Europe. During this, Hodges said, "America does not have the same capability to do what it needs to do in the Pacific and Europe to deal with the dangers of China."

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Tell us, from 2014 to the last year, Hodgson was the Commander of US Army in Europe. At this time he is a strategic expert in the Center for European Policy Analysis. Which is a research institution in Washington. He said that America's commitment to NATO is still stable even after changing geopolitical priorities.

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