This kind of food can be helpful in weight loss

Foods rich in carbohydrates, which meet fruits, vegetables and standing grains, improve the condition of insulin in people with weight loss and overweight. The non-profit 'Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine' of America gave a rich, low-fat diet to vegetable-based cabrehydrate to different groups of people during a 16-week long clinical trial, while the other group would like to eat normal food.

Hana Kahlioawa, the lead author of this study, published in the Journal of Nutrients, says that people are generally scared of the cabrehydrate, but studies have consistently revealed that the health, fruits, vegetables, pulses and standing grains Cubrehydrates are very beneficial for our body.

During the study, vegetable based food groups were not given meat. Also, they were given only 20-30 grams of fat throughout the day. Nonetheless, no limit on their calorie or cabrehydrate was fixed. The students were given another meal to eat normal food, including non vegetarian meat and food. Of this, there was no difference in the routine exercise of any group.

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