The best ways to get rid of rats from home, fear of seeing your home side

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Friends, today we will tell you some Ayurvedic methods of raising rats from home. Rats are considered to be symbols of negative and ignorant power.
In the house where there are mice, the people present in the house do not have the intellectual development properly. Mice give birth to dirt and poverty in the house.

By which many kinds of diseases spread in the house, the rats spoil our food and drinks.

There are many precious things in our house, which mice rubbing them in 1 minute. Mice also spoil the clothes, furniture and books in our house.

Apart from this, the harmful organisms are created on the body of rats. Due to which many diseases spread in children, we use many methods to remove all rats from the house.

Various types of medicines are available in the market for rats, but we are a little afraid of using all these medicines. Because using them in homes with children is not free from danger.

Because there is a type of poison in them, there is no harm in the family due to their use or there is no harm to any child, so we are afraid of using them and do not use them.

But in this post we will tell you some methods of rat removal which are very safe and all the accessories to remove rats are present in your kitchen.

To know these methods, you can read the post till the end.

Pepperment oil

With pepton oil we can easily run away from the rat in our house. Because the scent of pepment oil is hot and its odor does not like rats at all.

To remove the rat, fill cottage oil in small balls of cotton. Put these balls in all the places where the mice live. Or from where the rat passes. As soon as the rat passes by them, due to the scent of their scent, they will go towards the light and you will move out of your house and will never come back again.

This is a very good recipe and you can use it very easily.

Red chilli powder

Red chilli powder is a tried-out method, so the rat can be easily run away from home. Take this powder of red chillies and mix a little dry flour in it and mix it well.

Now this mixture is near the rat bill or where the mice roam. Put on there the rat nose is sensitive. As soon as he tries to eat this mixture or passes through it. Red chilli powder will disturb the mice and then the mouse will run away from there and will not think about coming home again.

In the house where there are children, try that the children do not go around this mixture because red chilli powder is very tender, it can also irritate the children.

Quick address

Faster leaves are used for eating. Very few people know that even the foliage can be used in the removal of rats. For this, take four to five fast leaves and keep the house in separate place before sleeping at night.

Close the window and door for a while, with the smell of a fierce leaf, the rat will get out of the bill and run out.

Not only rats but also flies and mosquitoes will also move out of your house using sharp leaves and this also makes the atmosphere of your home clean.

Friends, there are some safe ways to get rid of this rat. You can adopt any of these methods.

How many of you are troubled by the rats in your house, please tell us.

The best ways to get rid of rats from home, fear of seeing your home side

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