So for this reason, Trump has turned down the 'friend' invitation to Modi, will not be made to the 'special' guest

So for this reason, Trump has turned down the 'friend' invitation to Modi, will not be made to the 'special' guest on Republic Day
News24 Bureau, New Delhi (October 28): America's President Donald Trump, who called Prime Minister Modi as his special

friend on a very small occasion, has

shocked India. US President Donald Trump has rejected Prime Minister Modi's invitation in which he invited President Trump to become India's special guest on

January 26, 2019, on the occasion of

Republic Day. US officials have given this information to India's security adviser Ajit Doval through a letter. US officials have expressed regret for not accepting India's invitation It has been said in the letter that at that time there are domestic occupations of the trump, so India is unable to accept the invitation. Trump's stand on becoming the chief guest on Republic Day is exactly the opposite of his predecessor, Barack Obama. Obama accepted the invitation of India in 2015 and he became the chief guest on Republic Day. There were also domestic occupations with Obama, but they preferred to come to India.

Let us tell you that the differences in

 relations between India and the United States have come out in recent times. There is a tension between India and the US due to the purchase of India's defense from Russia and oil imports from Iran. The United States wanted that India not buy the Air Defense System S-400 from Russia, but India, bypassing American objections, led the deal to its conclusion. Whose Russian ambassador Nikolay Kudashev also praised

After this, India had also rejected the American pressure, such as stopping and importing oil from Iran. Earlier, during the 2 + 2 talks in India, US Defense Minister Mike Popeo had said that the US hopes that India will completely stop importing oil from Iraq to avoid restrictions by November 4. Although India had responded with very clear words and prohibited oil imports from Iraq, the public sector companies of India had again given new orders of oil again.

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