Rafael Deal: The Congress' War on Modi Government - No More Will Run 'Boat of Corruption'

Rafael Deal: The Congress' War on Modi Government - No More Will Run 

The Congress said on Wednesday that the direction of the Supreme Court on the Rafale issue has tried to infiltrate the 'mask of privacy', behind which the government was trying to hide. The party asked why she was scared to reveal the details of this fighter jet deal. The opposition party criticized the Modi government saying that "its justice of corruption" is no longer going to increase. Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari reiterated the demand of the party to investigate the Raphael deal with the Joint Parliamentary Committee. He said, "All the files related to the Rafael Deed should be handed over to the Joint Parliamentary Committee so that all facts come in front of everyone in a transparent manner." The Supreme Court On Wednesday, the details of 36 Rafale jets being bought by France from India to the Center are in the 10-day sealed envelope In addition to 90 press conferences, Congress Chief Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala told reporters before preparing to make Rafael a big issue for 2019: "Now the name of corruption of the Modi government is now more Will not run because the Supreme Court wants to know the truth of Rafael. The BJP full of corruption can no longer be beyond scrutiny, the accused can run away from the JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee). " Running? The Rafael scam should now be examined-and not much excuses. Read also: Rahul Gandhi: The Congress will take the Rafale issue to the street and answer the answer

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