Good news for Airtel SIM operators

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Good news for Airtel SIM operators
All the telecom companies in India launch an offer from one to the other to compete with the company. In this case, the Airtel company is also offering a special offer to its consumers. This offer is absolutely free for Airtel SIM operators. But this offer has some terms and conditions.

First of all, your phone should be 4G. After this, you have to upgrade your Airtel SIM 4G. After upgrading SIM, you only have to make a Miss Call at 52122. After that you will get the data in free

Customers will get 4G data of 1 GB on the kill call. Whose validity will be 90 days. But some customers will get 2 GB data. Whose validity will be up to 30 days. If you need more information about this offer, you can get it by visiting Airtel's website.

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