CG ELECTION: Such elections are preparations in Khairagarh, 24 companies of paramilitary forces will be deployed

CG ELECTION: Such elections are preparations in Khairagarh, 24 companies of paramilitary forces will be deployed
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Rajnandgaon: More than two and a half thousand paramilitary personnel will be deployed in the assembly elections. For the peaceful settlement of assembly elections

in    Khairgarh, the forces have started.

In the first phase of assembly elections, voting will be held on November 12 in Dongargarh assembly including Khairagarh. For which 24 companies of paramilitary forces will be deployed. There will be elections in the presence of Force in many areas, including the sensitive polling stations of Dongargarh assembly including Khairagarh.
Two companies in Khairgarh city will also maintain security arrangements during the elections. The company has started to reach the area. For this, arrangements are being made in Ghandi, along with the base camps of Mangal Bhavan and base camps in Chikhikhadan, including the old hostels of the District Education Training Institute in


The number of polling booths has increased in the Khairgarh assembly this time. The number of polling stations in the last election was 266, which has increased to 277 this time. It has increased the number of polling stations in sensitive Salvewara area. Nearly 45 polling booths under the assembly include highly sensitive, 20 sensitive centers. Along with Khairagarh, there will be surveillance of paramilitary forces in the sensitive polling booths of Chikhikhadan, Gandai, Salvevara, Bakkaratta police station area.
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In more than half the polling stations, including the Gatapar police station under Donggargarh assembly, security arrangements will be provided to these jawans. Nearly half of the 99 polling stations in Khairagarh Tehsil under Donggargarh Assembly are almost sensitive and highly sensitive centers.
Deployment of paramilitary forces has started from Khairagarh city. Two companies of jawans removed flag march in the city. There are 18 polling stations in the city, whereas in the rural areas, the jawans' company is reaching at different places. It is reported that the Jawan Morcha is also handling the area with the search.
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Along with the city, along with the investigation in the outer areas, the other necessary action has been started through the Paramilitary Force. It also includes local police. A permanent base camp of paramilitary forces is being started in Gatapar Naka of Chhikhkhand area, which has been completed.

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