Another trader looted the country, the treasure will be empty

Do you remember what PM Modi did before the 2014 elections? You will also say that there were many promises. but
Another trader looted the country, the treasure will be empty
You will also remember a promise that you did not leave the robber to the country. But after becoming a government, it seems that Modi has forgotten his promise. We are not saying recent events. An absolutely fresh case has come in which a businessman of Modi's home country has been robbed of India and has escaped from the country with his brothers.
First Vijay Vijay, then Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and now the merchant, the way the people are fleeing, the treasure of the country is empty. The name of this merchant is Nitin Sandesh and his company is Stirling Biotech. Dasasara is hidden in Nigeria by fleeing. Now the matter of the biggest flour starts here. Indeed, India has no extradition treaty with Nigeria.
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Clearly, the Modi government will not bring back this fugitive too. Congress has alleged that all traders are running away with the Modi government. Rs 5000 crores of Banking Fraud are charged on the message. The CBI is investigating this matter. As you know, before joining in Vijay Ma, Vijay Ma had also met Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Jaitley has accepted this fact himself.

Now the important question is that when the CBI is investigating these cases, how are these merchants going to escape? Why are these merchants not being alerted at the airport all over the country? Why are not the defaulter traders being sticking to photo banks and airports? Is Congress responsible for helping the fraud traders on the Modi government, are they right? If you have the answers to these questions in your mind then write them in the comment box. We try to reachane them accessane through social media.

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